Lighting Quality and Productivity in the Workplace

The environment under which workers operate can affect the productivity of a business in many ways. Apart from comfy seats and availability of basic amenities, the lighting condition is a key consideration. Many businesses tend to neglect the type and intensity of light bulbs in a workplace yet it can have major impacts on your employee efficiency. Inadequate lighting in work premises can prevent workers from making the most of their talents, and in turn, render poor services that might lower the revenue.

How Bright Should Office Lighting Be?

The source of light and color temperature are some of the crucial aspects affecting human’s behavior at work. Has your personnel complained that the lighting is too harsh, bright, dull, or dim? The task at hand is of utmost importance when it comes to choosing the right level of brightness. For instance, in a restaurant, it makes more sense to drench the kitchen with wall lamps that project illuminations where it is needed the most e.g. kitchen islands. On the other hand, diffuse light is easy on the eyes and is perfect for areas where employees look at computer screens most of the time. The brightness of desktop computers is nothing compared to the natural light, so the sunlight can overwhelm what workers see on the screen. As such, work desks need more controlled lighting conditions that can diffuse or block some of the sun’s intensity.

Saving Energy with Office Lights

It is worth installing energy-efficient bulbs like LED, compact fluorescent lamps, and halogen incandescent lights. You might also want to include motion detector lights in areas that are used occasionally e.g. the bathroom. The timers help to save energy because they ensure that bulbs go off when no one is around. Again, dimmers allow workers to put off the lights when they don’t need maximum brightness.

Important Adjustments to Make in Workplace Lighting

The presence of flicker can bring visual fatigue, eye strain, and discomfort. It happens when light is adjusted at a low frequency and it has been identified as one of the causes of headaches among employees. It is good to give the workers the freedom to modulate lighting depending on their preference. RoyalDesign’s lampshade collection gives a workspace an extra ambiance which may have a positive influence on the visual comfort and motivation of the users.

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