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For the ones interested into following a deeper education in the business field, there is always the path of official studies. Business education starts with secondary education, and reaches out to the doctoral level. However, the most common paths are the undergraduate and postgraduate studies. A percentage as high as 38% from students enrolled in high school opts for this type of course. The course is called Business Studies: they combine the basics of accountancy, finance, marketing, economics and organizational studies.

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The bachelor level is usually focused to both the field of business and management. Marketing, finance, operations management and accounts are some of the most common courses. These give the opportunity of a broad knowledge on how companies function, how they interconnect, but also they develop the managerial, communicational and decision-making skills of the students. These abilities are usually taught during practical experiences which simulate study case from real life situations with the help of presentations, internships, case projects, visits at corporations and interactions with industry experts.

There are courses, within particular specializations, that prepare students by offering them much more theory. However, each course in the business studies implies an initial course of introduction to accounting, finance, human resources, marketing, economics, human resources and informational systems.

Some of the most common specializations are:

  • BIBE (Bachelor of International Business Economics), a four years full time study. Two years are dedicated to introduction to business administration, while the last two are prepare the student to a specific area. This type of study implies a minimum 6 months study abroad.
  • BB (Bachelor of Business) focuses on business management and is very technology oriented.
  • BMOS (Bachelor of Management and Organizational Studies) teaches theoretical and practical business management on a four year program. It focuses on psychology, sociology, economics and social sciences.
  • BBusSc (Bachelor of Business Science) teaches students the depths of management theory, with focus on mathematics and statistics.

The master’s degree level can treat either general management, or a specific area, like finance and marketing. MBA (Master of Business Administration) requires minimum two or three years of working experience in the domain and it allows enrollment of students with any type of background.

Business education is available on any part of the world. An extended list of the universities can be consulted here (

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