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In a real life situation, management is the key of success or failure of a business. The leadership qualities of a manager are a powerful tool that can motivate people to be their very best version of themselves. In reality, there is a big difference between managers and leaders. One can successfully practice both, but in most cases, these are two different functions occupied by different people.

Managers are focused on the tactical aspects of the organization, while leaders converge on the strategic needs of the people. The area of expertise of a manager is rather specific, while leaders establish general guidelines, directions and goals for the organization. They also empower and mentor the team members. On the other hand, a manager will direct and monitor the team to achieve its goals given by the higher management, while enforcing and creating its business policies.

Businessman Builds a Tower

Leaders set the tone of the team, and focus on attaining and executing the management plan in the most effective and pleasant way. They usually inspire people to work on a certain direction.

However, what role is most important? Do people need a manager or a leader? Any organization wanting to succeed needs to have both. Only with strong managerial directions, the employees will be able to execute everything very well and on time. However, they will lack the inspiration to success and a person to lead them to success.

Very few people can do the job of both the manager and the leader, because these two positions often find themselves in opposition. One has to foresee the short term picture, while the other has to focus on the long term purpose. A successful business will have people from both areas, which understand the value and role of each other. A good manager will appreciate an excellent leader, and vice versa. It will make both analyze the role, work and results of each other’s inputs.

In addition, leaders may occupy almost any role, while managers are structured into a clear hierarchical structure: the board of directors, CEO and president. Each level of management has to report to a superior and implement directives to its subordinates. Ones desiring to improve their skills in this area can consult the free management library (

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