The Role of Social Media Management for Growing Your Business

The latest improvements in technology and data science make it necessary for businesses to benefit from the technological tools and newly introduced communication channels. The number of corporate clients and customers who collect market data and build their own strategy increases day by day. This requires all global businesses to stay up to date in terms of applying new technologies in communication, using accurate software to satisfy the demands of the market and monitoring the end results of their campaigns and strategies on time.

In the last ten years, the use of social media tools has increased rapidly. The old communication channels between customers and companies have been transformed into online platforms which encourage direct interface. This trend has started with Facebook and followed by Twitter, Instagram, and YouTube where a significant room for alternative ways of communication and advertising has created.

How Social Media Can Help You Grow Your Business

The companies in almost all industries including tourism, energy, agriculture, finance and fast consumption prefer using social media tools to increase their accessibility and prestige in digital world. The customers search for specific keywords on the social media accounts of famous restaurants and hotels, such as ” Accommodation Engelberg”, ”available rooms” or ”best prices”. The reviews of the customers from various industries and sectors are posted on Instagram and Facebook. For example in energy, the clients and general public follow the latest trends and news in the renewable energy sector via Twitter while using YouTube videos to attain more information on sector representatives of agriculture. The more the companies increase their social media channels, the more they receive feedback and reactions from the clients in the market. This helps the companies to fulfil the expectation of customers while keeping in touch with them all the time. With the increased accessibility and transparency, the companies become more reliable towards their clients and their products or services are preferred more by the customers in the market.

Beneficial Social Media Tools to Track and Grow Your Business

Social media management helps especially to small and medium-sized enterprises more than it does for international corporate companies. Here are some social media tools that are quite beneficial for the management of the communication channels. These social media tools and platforms can increase the efficiency of the enterprise while contributing a lot to the business management strategy:

  • HootSuite Social Media Management
  • TweetDeck – Twitter Management
  • Hubspot – Help you in the management of social media content
  • IFTTT Social Media Platform
  • MeetEdgar – Especially on re-sharing evergreen content
  • Buffer- Scheduling and managing social media posts
  • Loomly- Social Media Calendar Tool
  • Agora Pulse- CRM platform, enabling the businesses to manage all their social media messages
  • Planable- Creates plans for all social media team
  • Hashtag’d- New generation visual and numerical data collecting platform for social media

All businesses can benefit from the social media management tools that are introduced above. Choose one of them and see your business thrive.

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